Noche de Animas -Tzintzuntzan.

-The celebration of Noche de Animas is an act of reciprocity with the dead that strengthens family and community ties. Year after year, the municipality of Tzintzuntzan commits to a long process of preparations to celebrate the reunion with their deceased family members. The community takes on the task of aiding the souls of their dead in reaching a pleasant and glorious spiritual resting place. In Tzintzuntzan taking care of the well-being of the dead is social responsibility beyond the grave.   © Armando Espinosa Prieto 2019.

The documentary “Noche de Animas. Tzintzuntzan” follows the preparations and rituals to properly honor the dead in the community of Tzintzuntzan. The long period of preparations commences in June with the planting of the marigolds that will be used to decorate altars and graves, and concludes with the sharing of the harvest amongst the living and the dead. “Noche de Animas, Tzintzuntzan” tells us, in the voices of the community members, the importance of this well-choreographed celebration of faith and tradition. The film follows two families as they celebrate this agricultural ritual. Noche de Animas, based on ancient rituals, has been transformed by Catholicism while maintaining a strong pre-Hispanic subtext.

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