Metamorfosis Documenation Project

To Help Preserve, Protect, and Promote Traditional Cultures
Voladores Quetzalan
Metamorfosis Documentation Project is a nonprofit organization based on a belief in the richness and importance of cultural traditions, focusing on public rituals and dances. We believe valuing historic cultures and rituals is necessary for societies to heal, survive and thrive in the modern world. Through collaborative projects with traditional communities, MDP documents and supports rituals and dances in their own cultural settings and shares them with a wider audience, fostering an understanding of distinct cultures.
In collaboration with community museums, MDP documents and produces a documentary and a related community project. The materials resulting from the documentation are returned to the community for their use and benefit, and the community museum receives rights to reproduce and sell the documentary. The documentation is then not merely preserving a snapshot of a culture in time; but serving to empower these communities and reinvigorate their traditions.
An artistic and educational endeavor, our process is designed to foster respect and support for all cultures. Through our public presentation of the results of these projects including documentary film screenings, submissions to film festivals, lectures, photographic exhibitions, web presentations, and related art works we offer opportunities for wider audiences to experience an inside look at cultures and traditions markedly different from their own.

In September of 2019 Metamorfosis Documentation Project was presented with the renowned Ohtli Award by the "Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior" a division of the "Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores" of the Mexican Government.